Wednesday, May 4, 2016

San Diego State University

San Diego State University is located in San Diego, California. Their colors are black and red and they have the Aztecs as their mascot. SDSU has both an All-Girl and a Co-Ed team. However, this past year, their All-Girl team placed 4th place at the UCA College Nationals. Their girl team consists of twenty hard-working cheerleaders each and every year. Their Co-Ed team consists of eighteen members. Surprisingly, only four of those eighteen cheerleaders are boys. SDSU did exceptionally well this year compared to their previous years. They qualify every year, but this year they pushed to get into the top five against many talented girls. SDSU All-Girl is a team that is making their way to the top.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is red and yellow and their mascot is the Testudo. The team consists of both All-Girl and Co-Ed teams. These teams travel and attend all basketball games, football games, and some volleyball games. Along with this, they also attend the UCA College Nationals every year. The University of Maryland is unique in the fact of where they are located. Most of the top cheerleading colleges are located in the south. However, the University of Maryland is located far north, making them the best in the area, and one of the best on the mats overall. While their Co-Ed team is exceptional, their All-Girl team is what makes them so great. These girls work hard and place top 10 almost every single year at the UCA College Nationals. While they have only won first one year, they are always near the top and expect to take home gold in the near future. The University of Maryland is definitely a cheer team that you would want to look into, especially if you live north.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University, also known as WKU has the colors of red and white. Their mascot is the Hilltoppers. They are division IA and contain both a co-ed and allgirl. This past year, their all-girl team placed third place at the UCA College Nationals. They placed behind Indiana University and the University of Alabama. The Co-ed team also did very well by placing eighth out of the 23 schools they competed against for the UCA College Nationals. Because of this, each team did reciebe a $5,000 prize that will go towards their fund to return and place better next year. Kentucky is what is now referred to as the "cheer state." This is because Morehead State, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, and, of course, the University of Kentucky all slayed this year at each competition they competed in. Every cheerleader in the cheer world dreams of attending one of these schools in Kentucky because of the exceptional job they do each year. Western Kentucky University is a huge part of the cheer programs in Kentucky. There are big things to be expected out of this school in the future.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State Cheerleading has taken cheer to a whole new level. Their colors are crimson and white and their mascot is the Bully. Their cheer program consists of both and co-ed squad and an all-girl squad. The co-ed contains around eight to ten couples. This team cheers at nearly all football games and men's home basketball games. On the other hand, the all-girl team has about twenty cheerleaders total. They cheer at home football games, as well as women's games and volleyball. Both teams go to nationals each year and place well. This past year, the co-ed team left their mark by placing really well at the UCA College Nationals. They placed fourth just behind UK, UCF, and the University of Alabama. This division that they placed in was the 1A Division, which is known as the toughest division because of the extreme competitive nature of the large schools.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is located in Oxford, Mississippi. They are also known as "Ole Miss" and have a cheer program that excels every year. Their mascot is the Rebels and their colors are red, white, and navy blue. Ole Miss has a Co-Ed team that consists of around 30 teammates. Half of the cheerleaders are on the blue squad and half of them are on the red squad. Which team you are on is determined by your skill level and capabilities. They are division 1A Coed, which means they are up against teams like UK, UCF, University of Alabama, and Ohio State. This past year, they placed fourth. They are bumping up their score sheet and getting higher and higher every year. Ole Miss is improving every year and show extreme potential.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University is also known as OSU. Their colors are orange and black and their mascot is the Cowboys. The Cowboys consist of one team, which is CoEd. Each year they take approximately 24 cheerleaders. Like the University of Louisville, they compete NCA instead of UCA. Within UCA, they are in the Division 1A. They took home the championship 2013 through 2015. They also won in 2010, 1991, and 1988. Within the NCA category, they are truly amazing. Each year, everyone is looking to see how Oklahoma State University is doing and if they have what it takes to beat them. OSU also gained a very valuable cheerleader this year in the 2015-2016 season. Carly Manning, being one of the most loved girls in the cheer world, committed to Oklahoma State University and has brought many Cowboy fans. Carly Manning was a member of the CA Cheetahs All-Star cheer. She is mainly known for her amazing basket-toss that shows extreme skill and difficulty. She is the barbie doll of cheerleading and has brought much fame to the Oklahoma State University. That should not fool anyone though because the entire team is a team to look out for each year at NCA Nationals.

Friday, March 11, 2016

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida is also known as UCF. They are one of the huge, main powerhouses of UCA College. Their colors are black and gold and they are the Knights. They have a Co-Ed team that placed second this year at nationals. They finished as runner-up to the University of Kentucky. This is a big deal because the fight for first is usually between the University of Alabama and the University of Kentucky. This team consists of 18 men and 16 women. One of the main advantages of being on the UCF cheerleading team is the scholarships that are offered. The scholarships range from $500 to $4,000 every year. These are given to 16-20 new cheerleaders and the returning ones. This team is very involved in games as well as their excellence on the competition floor. They attend every home game and close to all away games for their boys. Being "game ready" is vital to this cheer team because they value appearance and organization. If looking into colleges to strive for, UCF is one to look out for.