Thursday, January 28, 2016

Indiana University

Cheerleading colleges are always known for being better down south, however, this year the trend was broken. As I earlier explained, the University of Alabama has always had the best all girl team in the nation. This year, though, Indiana University pulled up on top, taking home the first place trophy at the UCA Nationals. Indiana University is more laid back then the teams I have blogged about before, but it seems to really be working for them this year. This college has both a Co-Ed team and an All Girl. However, they are known for having a more well-built All Girl team. Within their program, they have names for each team, too. The Co-Ed team is referred to as the "Cream Squad," while the All Girl team is referred to as the "Crimson Squad." I did actually attend a cheer camp here, and made many observations about the teams and the program as a whole. They were all very talented and present a vast knowledge of cheer and the physics of it. This was different than other schools and might be more beneficial to some to explain cheerleading in a more scientific way. It appeared to have worked on just enough people to pull a first place title this year.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Morehead State University

For the longest time, Morehead State University has always been exceptional, but nothing compared to the University of Alabama or the University of Kentucky. However, this year, Morehead decided to come out of the cracks at the UCA Nationals. In their D1 division, they won all the trophies possible. They have an all girl team, Co-Ed, and stunt group competition. As a result, they won all three trophies- taking home first place. Because Morehead is in Kentucky, they usually get overlooked because they are in the shadow of the University of Kentucky, but this year was definitely different as they made a mark by showing who they are and what talents they posses. Their all-girl team is what is really who to watch out for, however. They are known for "wowing" the audience with new skills demonstrated during UCA competitions that other teams did not even know was possible. They demonstrate extreme difficulty while executing the entire routine perfectly. Their performances always appear so clean that they look like robots. Morehead State University is definitely a team to watch.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is the second best cheer program in the nation. This cheer program consists of two different teams: an All-Girl team and a Coed Team. We already know that UK has only coed, so I will explain more about All-Girl. Because coed teams are so strict about having girls who are very small in size, All-Girl teams allow girls of all sizes to be a Main Base, Secondary Base, Backspot, and a Flyer. Alabama has an amazing All-Girl squad who won the UCA Nationals last year, alongside their Coed team. Last year, the University of Kentucky was going for their twenty-first national title. However, the University of Alabama's Coed team ended up winning the title. Therefore, created huge rivalry between UK and Alabama, making this year's UCA Nationals one to definitely watch.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

University Of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is the number one cheer team in the nation. This cheer team is in a Large Coed division, which means that there are boys and girls on the team. University of Kentucky cheer teams has won 20 UCA National Cheerleading Titles, starting from 1985 up until 2014. The cheer is very strict and organized. It is extremely necessary to have everyone's hair look the same, identical outfits, and even similar body types. While observing the cheerleaders, it is obvious that every girl is around five feet and little inches. It also is clear that each of them has a set of abs that they deem necessary to show off. Moreover, the men are all relatively tall and are extremely muscular. Not only does this cheer team preform like the best, but they look like it, too. To even try out for this squad, you have to be personally invited by the coach himself after attending at least 4 of the camps they hold. Dedication is an understatement when talking about the University of Kentucky Cheerleading Team.