Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cheer Athletics

So far, all the teams I have talked about have been strictly collegiate teams in either the NCA or UCA division. The Cheer Athletics Program is a cheer problem that is too good to not be recognized as one of the best cheerleading teams. Cheer Athletics is an All-Star program that competes at NCA competitions. Cheer Athletics, like most all-star programs have a series of division, starting at a Youth 1 level, all the way up to the Senior 5 level. While most to all teams that compete in all-stars are outstanding, the Cheer Athletics "Cheetahs" are the girls that everyone fangirls over. Many famous cheerleaders that come to mind when talking about All-Stars are Jamie Andries and Carly Manning. These two are the Barbie dolls of cheer that seem perfect in every way. However, do not let their cute looks fool you: they are absolute beasts when they hit the blue mat. Cheer Athletics "Cheetahs" never fail to be the team that everyone dreams to be a part of, or even get the opportunity to see in person.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Purdue University

Purdue University is not only a good school to attend, but an amazing school to cheer at as well. Purdue University consists of both an All-Girl team and a Co-Ed team. This year, the Co-Ed team took home second place at the UCA Nationals. They are in Division I small Co-Ed. They also qualified for the Co-Ed partner stunt and the All-Girl stunt group. They All-Girl group placed ninth and the Co-Ed partner stunt took home seventh place. Purdue University is not known for being one of the best cheerleading teams in the nation. However, every year, they have massive amounts of fans because they tend to make up new partner stunts and All-Girl stunts that have never been done before. The only downfall with that is that they cannot put it in a routine because not every group can demonstrate the new skills. However, they are a very unique and clean squad. Purdue Univesity is getting better and better each year and will continue to improve until they get the title that they want most.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

University of Louisville

So far, I have only discussed teams in the category of UCA. However, there are also amazing, talented teams in the NCA part of cheerleading, too. UCA differs from NCA is many ways. NCA allows for double fulls and double down, competitions on spring floor, and uses more flexibility, rather than just basic skills with a lib. The best team to compete for the NCA nationals is the University of Louisville in Kentucky. There is both a Co-Ed and an All-Girl team for this school. Both the teams excel each year, but I personally like to watch the All-Girl team preform more. These girls go out every year and throw skills that makes your jaw drop. The All-Girl team has won nine National Cheerleading Association Championships. The large Co-Ed team has won 15 Nation Cheerleading Association Championships, as well.