Tuesday, April 26, 2016

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is red and yellow and their mascot is the Testudo. The team consists of both All-Girl and Co-Ed teams. These teams travel and attend all basketball games, football games, and some volleyball games. Along with this, they also attend the UCA College Nationals every year. The University of Maryland is unique in the fact of where they are located. Most of the top cheerleading colleges are located in the south. However, the University of Maryland is located far north, making them the best in the area, and one of the best on the mats overall. While their Co-Ed team is exceptional, their All-Girl team is what makes them so great. These girls work hard and place top 10 almost every single year at the UCA College Nationals. While they have only won first one year, they are always near the top and expect to take home gold in the near future. The University of Maryland is definitely a cheer team that you would want to look into, especially if you live north.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University, also known as WKU has the colors of red and white. Their mascot is the Hilltoppers. They are division IA and contain both a co-ed and allgirl. This past year, their all-girl team placed third place at the UCA College Nationals. They placed behind Indiana University and the University of Alabama. The Co-ed team also did very well by placing eighth out of the 23 schools they competed against for the UCA College Nationals. Because of this, each team did reciebe a $5,000 prize that will go towards their fund to return and place better next year. Kentucky is what is now referred to as the "cheer state." This is because Morehead State, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, and, of course, the University of Kentucky all slayed this year at each competition they competed in. Every cheerleader in the cheer world dreams of attending one of these schools in Kentucky because of the exceptional job they do each year. Western Kentucky University is a huge part of the cheer programs in Kentucky. There are big things to be expected out of this school in the future.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State Cheerleading has taken cheer to a whole new level. Their colors are crimson and white and their mascot is the Bully. Their cheer program consists of both and co-ed squad and an all-girl squad. The co-ed contains around eight to ten couples. This team cheers at nearly all football games and men's home basketball games. On the other hand, the all-girl team has about twenty cheerleaders total. They cheer at home football games, as well as women's games and volleyball. Both teams go to nationals each year and place well. This past year, the co-ed team left their mark by placing really well at the UCA College Nationals. They placed fourth just behind UK, UCF, and the University of Alabama. This division that they placed in was the 1A Division, which is known as the toughest division because of the extreme competitive nature of the large schools.